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Interlock Metal Roofing Systems is one of the largest metal roof manufacturers in North America.

We provide the finest lifetime metal roofing systems in the industry. If you re like most, your home is your most valuable asset. And you ll do anything to protect it.

Interlock Metal Roofs are built to last. In fact, they re so durable that when you replace your roof with our product, you ll never have to re-roof again.


Cedar Shingle



Standing Seam

Solid Copper

We specialize in beautiful metal roofing that will protect your home for a lifetime.

Why would you choose aluminum roofing?

Because it s strong and durable and yet lightweight and beautiful. It s also extremely weather resistant. You ll get protection from the heat from the sun, extreme weather like rain and snow, and even hail and hurricane speed winds. We re tested and rated for both. Our metal shingles and panels are interlocked four ways, giving your home maximum protection. Since every home is different we custom make the flashings and trims. They are made from the same high-quality aluminum as our shingles and panels, ensuring that every point in our roofing system will last a lifetime.

How about savings on your air-conditioning costs in the summer?

All our metal roofing materials are Energy Star (U.S. only) and Cool Roof rated. Your home will be much cooler because of your new Interlock roof. Solar reflectance and thermal emittance of our roofing are key components in keeping you much more comfortable inside on those hot summer days. Reduce the temperatures inside your home, and save energy, and money on your utility bills at the same time. In the winter, snow slides right off. No more dangerous roof raking. If you do live in an area that gets heavy snowfall, you should consider snow guards.

Interlock Metal Roofing is a Green Roof

Made from up to 95% recycled material, and is 98% recyclable makes us a very environmentally friendly and eco-conscious roof. You will help stop the cycle of landfill waste caused by remove and replace roofing materials such as asphalt, composite and wood. That s great if you are concerned about the environment. Interlock is solar-friendly roofing, compatible with many solar panel manufacturers.

You ll get protection from fire

Metal is naturally resistant to fire. Residential fires can spread quickly rooftop to rooftop from another house, and many insurance companies will offer discounts after you ve installed a metal roof. We can even make it Class-A fire-rated if you like.

We put a protective coating on both sides of our shingles and panels, where other metal roofing products may only coat one side.

Do you have a home near the ocean?

Aluminum, along with Alunar coating, is the metal roof for the coast, protecting your home from corrosion from salt water air. How? Because aluminum simply does not corrode like steel, that with our coating gives you a must-have roof if you live by the ocean.

The second-best reason to choose an Interlock Roof?

Our Lifetime Limited Warranty

Every roof we sell is covered by it and is non-prorated. Meaning, the warranty s value will not decrease over time. You are covered the entire time you own your home.

It s also one-time transferable if you ever sell your home. The next owner will get 50 years of protection. Make sure to fill out the paperwork and transfer it to the next owner.

If you see any signs your roof has deteriorated, don t wait. You should re-roof as soon as possible. If you see cracking, curling or rotting shingles, contact us for an estimate as soon as possible. It s better to re-roof early than a single day too late. Many people wait until they have a leak, but waiting can cause extensive damage and costly repairs that could have easily been prevented.

But we know that re-roofing is time-consuming, messy, and well let s face it, expensive.

So, when you are looking at prices, asphalt, cedar, or other traditional roofs may cost you less the first time you re-roof, but what about the next time, and the time after that?

Are you planning to stay in your home for a while? Traditional roofs are temporary, and will not last. It is just a matter of when those other roofs will need to be replaced. We ve seen some asphalt roofs be replaced in as little as 8 years. If you are planning on living in your home for the next while, or this is a home you intend to keep in your family, you ll need to multiply that lower cost roof by 2 or 3 times, or more. Also, with inflation, material costs and labor will only go up the next time you need to replace your roof.

Why would you choose to spend money again and again on a remove and replace roof? Don t rent your roof. Get one that will last you, and your family, a lifetime.

So why should you choose an Interlock metal roof vs shingles?

Re-roofing with us means one last mess and time-consuming hassle. No more ugly, deteriorating roof, and no more worries of when a leak might start. Also, you ll be protecting and improving the appearance and its value. You are actually investing in your home. An Interlock aluminum roof is strong, durable and very lightweight. Important if you live in an earthquake zone. It s extremely weather-resistant. Our roofs are tested and rated by independent agencies for extreme hail and the wind.

You will also get these additional benefits:

  • Energy savings. Reduce your air conditioning costs
  • A cooler home in the summer. Daytime temperatures are greatly reduced and will cool off very quickly in the evening
  • Weather resistance from extreme rain, hail, and the wind
  • No more roof raking in the winter. Snow slides off
  • Solar compatibility
  • We are a Green Roof . Aluminum is a very sustainable material and recyclable
  • Get natural protection from fires starting on your roof
  • Eligibility for homeowner insurance discounts
  • Our protective Alunar Coating System embedded with Teflon Surface Protector
  • And of course, our Lifetime Limited Warranty

Finally, the best reason to choose an Interlock roof?

You won t have to do it ever again. It s the last time you or your family will need to put a roof on your house. No more worry about leaks, missing shingles, or the mess and hassle of re-roofing. And no more ugly roof. Just a beautiful new metal roof that will stay looking great for years and years.

Don t take our word for it. Check out what our customers are saying about their roof. When you get a moment, check out our Roof Reviews section. You ll find hundreds of customers who have taken the time to write into us to tell us how happy they are they chose an Interlock roof.

Choose from 5 different profiles and 10 designer colors. We manufacture all the starters, flashing and trim in the same high-quality aluminum, and match it to the color you choose. We also only use the highest quality accessories. All backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

If you haven t already, fill out your name for more information, or to schedule a free estimate.

Interlock Lifetime Roofing Systems.

Never Re-Roof Again.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels Now Available in Curved and Tapered

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