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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Compare Hagerty and Grundy Insurance

Ok, everyone. Here is what I promised, maybe even better. I have done some inquiries on costs of collector car insurance and found something very interesting.

One, you must take the time to call the agent yourself. Don’t go online to get a quote and expect it to be an exact quote. When I put in the information into Hagerty Insurance, I got a quote of $207 with no towing insurance. I actually pay $155.00 basic and 179.00 with towing. And that is premium towing, 50 miles on a flat bed.

So my advice to you all, call a local agent and get the exact quote.

Grundy gave me a quote of 148.42 for the same car. I would say it was more accurate than Hagerty’s online quote, but I have nothing to compare it to. They were actually a bit less than Hagerty, but because of my have a history with Hagerty I am staying where I am. They paid quickly when my 1965 T-bird burned up and it was a “no hassle” settlement and that means quite a bit.

For a good, in depth review on these two companies, go to Classic Car Insurance – reviews for Hagerty information, and again, Classic Car Insurance – reviews for Grundy Insurance Co.

I have written to the author of this site, Richard Brown, and he is happy to have you come and look. He has written a great review of each of the companies, their history and some previously unknown facts. His review is very well done.

One more thing. Both Hagerty and Grundy now have something new. They both cover automobilia, automotive tools, and spare parts. So that gas pump you have out in front of your garage? The many tools in your garage? They will cover them!

And, did you know that both companies will now insure your newer specialty car? Your 2005 Mustang. your 1995 Corvette? Not just classic cars anymore. I don’t know how the cost compares to the other insurance companies. But I bet it is very competitive. They know the “car guys” take special care of their cars.

Another service for my readers.

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