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Military Auto Insurance


Find Discounted Military Auto Insurance

If you’re in the military, you may be on a tight budget. These days, who isn’t?

While the cost of living in the United States has been rising, your military pay and benefits may have not kept up.

The good news is that discounted auto insurance is available to all those currently in or retired from the military.

And while your military status gives you the benefit of discounted military auto insurance, your due diligence will determine how much discount you actually receive. It’s up to you to compare insurance company offers to find the best values in auto insurance rates and insurance services.

For the best deal, start with insurance company you feel confident will be there when you need them. Ask your military colleagues about the auto insurance company they work with. You want the insurer to be reliable and to have a record of payment on legitimate claims.

Search for the websites of various auto insurance companies and do some comparison shopping. By filling out a few online forms and including your military status, you can obtain a host of free quote on discount military auto insurance. Don’t forget to mention your military status; many servicemembers do neglect this! After comparing policies, you may find that various providers will present different insurance premiums for the same coverage.

Locating the best auto insurance company means finding one that is going to provide you the best military markdown obtainable. Examine their past rate hikes. How often did the insurance company raise their insurance rates? Once you get your rate, you want to be able to maintain that discounted military auto insurance for a reasonable amount of time.


Everyone in uniform is required to carry the auto insurance required by law depending on state – or country – of residence.

If you are at an overseas assignment, the laws of your host country determine what auto insurance you must carry. Military members stationed in Japan, for example, must pay for auto insurance called Japanese Compulsory Insurance and liability insurance. If you drive a car off base, you’re required to pay for this mandatory auto insurance coverage plus a Japanese road tax.

Military auto insurance requirements may be dictated by several things including the Status of Forces Agreement negotiated by the Department of Defense and the host country. Those who flaunt military auto insurance rules aren’t just defying local laws; in some cases they are violating agreements between two governments. Not carrying the proper level of auto insurance can be more serious than it sounds; make sure you’re covered.

There are also special discounts for troops deployed into special areas designated by the DoD as imminent-danger-pay areas.

In addition, if your duties require you to store your vehicle for 30 days or more, some auto insurance companies can suspend or reduce your insurance coverage. This benefit can save you money, along with providing you with a way to maintain continuity of coverage, which is important to insurers who prefer customers who maintain uninterrupted insurance coverage for a certain period of time.

Many auto insurers also give special consideration to those serving in the National Guard and Reserves – up to fifteen percent reduction over standard advertised rates. There may be even more military auto insurance discount considerations for those serving in imminent danger areas.

Being military smart means you can make your budget go farther, by accessing discounted military auto insurance. Auto insurance providers know that military men and women are a good insurance risk. Insurance companies often deem military people more responsible drivers deserving of a deep discount on auto insurance.

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