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Monthly Auto Insurance Pay on a month-to-month basis.

Pay your auto insurance on a monthly basis instead of paying annually or every six months.

  1. Since there are many options out there, begin by finding the right price from a quality company such as Progressive, GMAC, Infinity and more. By providing basic driver and vehicle information, helps drivers get auto insurance quotes from multiple recognizable brand companies in minutes and with little effort. Be sure to quote the different types of protection to see price differences since some extra protection can be quite inexpensive.
  2. Make a comparison on the many important factors that are important to consider such as financial stability, price, customer service, claims assistance and reputation to narrow down the choices.
  3. Once a choice is made, see the monthly payment plans being offered by that specific carrier. Keep in mind that even if a policy term is six or twelve months, monthly installment plan are usually available.
  4. Buy your policy online by providing additional data and paying the 1st month s payment to print out the evidence of coverage.

Tips for monthly payment options:

  • Consider automatic withdraw from your bank account to lower billing fees as much as $10 per month.
  • Consider paying months in advance to avoid billing fees entirely.

What is the car insurance cost per month?

The cost of monthly auto insurance varies with different drivers, cars, coverage and even things like where one lives. A fast way to get a cost quote is to do so online instead of having to call a few agents. The online quote process only takes a couple minutes and the rates of multiple companies can be compared at

Basically, every option provided will include an option for paying on a month-to-month basis to keep the month s expenses to a minimum. Keep in mind that agents are available to answer any further questions or provide information.

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