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An intervention is a coordinated effort by one or more people (usually family, friends and possibly coworkers) to get someone to seek professional help with alcoholism or drug abuse. The majority of addicts entering treatment have arrived with the help of family intervention, as addicts rarely seek help on their own.

Our Intervention Directory lists interventionists available for phone consultations as well as complete intervention.

Intervention References lists articles and books that can help you understand why intervention is important and how it works.


How do you find the right treatment program? Many look for nearby affordable treatment, but you may want to consider more options for finding the best facility for you.

Find treatment centers in your state:

Or talk to a professional about what is best for you.


Once a treatment program has been completed, a recovery program is vital for maintaining a drug-free life. There are national support groups and local branches and organizations to help with sobriety.

A recent development showing promise is online recovery and treatment .

Find recovery support resources in your state here:

amendments have also broadened and clarified drugs that can be included in the 5 drug schedules

Each state designates specific penalties for possession and sale of the substances covered by this law, within the broader guidelines defined at the federal level. For state laws, see “Legal & Policy Issues” for your state.



Educating our kids and communities on the effects of drugs and how to handle drug problems is a vital part of building a strong community. For drug education curricula and sites geared to educating kids and teens, see our Education section .

How can we make a real difference in our schools and kids’ lives? Read Educator/Addiction Professional Makes Sense to read about what is working in one school.

Table of Contents

How to talk to kids about Drugs, Help getting a DUI Lawyer, how to handle an addicted family member, Drug and Alcohol Intervention, Help Finding Drug Rehab Programs, Recovery Help (from AA and other support groups)

How parents can spot and handle a teen’s drug use, How to avoid drug problems at work, Tips from Addiction Professionals, Drug Intervention – what works and what doesn’t, Keys to Handling Alcoholism for good.

Step by step guidelines covering drug and alcohol intervention, teen drug education, teen drug rehab programs, finding a DUI Lawyer, how to handle an addicted family member, how to find Recovery Help (from AA and other support groups)

Federal Drug Budget and Drug Policy, Drug Prevention Programs, Samhsa DrugTreatment Locator, Drug Abuse Research and Statistics, Drug trafficking enforcement

Addiction support groups (alcoholics anonymous, narcotics anonymous, al-anon), Addiction advocacy groups, dui legal resources, Associations for addiction professionals, Drug Education organizations, Drug Prevention and research organizations

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