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US bars institutions from trading in several bonds issued by Caracas authorities

Carles Puigdemont says Spanish government has underfunded local police

Economic aide acknowledges White House to rely on Congress to flesh out skeletal plan

Fed chair defends regulation in face of Republican calls for watering down Dodd-Frank

Modi appeals for calm as 28 killed in Haryana and Punjab riots following conviction

Macron attacks Warsaw’s refusal to drop opposition to overhaul of rules

Opinion & Analysis

SPD most at risk if voters heed Turkish leader’s call to boycott main parties

Measures by the president, whose popularity is falling, face risk of strong resistance

Auto sector is one of few outside oil to attract big overseas investment

Loose monetary policy led to share buybacks that enriched mainly the wealthy

Sloppy peel-and-eat format keeps diners off their phones, forcing social interaction

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Category 1 hurricane brings torrential rain to Texas

Polls show the chancellor’s conservative Christian Democrat-led bloc is far ahead of its rivals

State governor warns of major disaster as Harvey hits coast at 130mph

Latino organisations slam president’s decision over former Arizona police officer

Seaside holiday chain sees bookings rise as it targets squeezed British families

Launch comes just days after Trump says Kim Jong Un is ‘starting to respect’ US

Top economic official ‘reluctant to leave my post’ despite pressure to resign

MPLA’s share of the vote slips as Lourenço prepares to take over from dos Santos

Financial Times picture editors showcase the best photographs from around the world

An encounter with a pensioner from Caracas reveals a tale of hardship and resilience

US president will launch a major push on tax reform next week

Opposition leader claims many of his supporters were intimidated into not voting

Death is latest violent incident against critics of the Kremlin

Anger grows over local government response to storm, which killed at least 9

US president set to kick off his plan with a speech in Missouri next week

Shell and Exxon among companies to evacuate some Gulf platforms ahead of storm

Anna Kinberg Batra’s resignation plunges centre-right into crisis a year before elections

‘I have come under enormous pressure both to resign and to remain’

Yingluck Shinawatra in court no-show for verdict in trial over rice subsidy scheme

Rana Foroohar on how low interest rates benefited Wall Street over mainstream America

US defence secretary signals support to providing weapons to Kiev

Moscow seeks to contain stand-off between Washington and Pyongyang over nuclear weapons

Number seeking work dips sharply and data spur debate on skills shortages

Robert Kaplan keen to reform rules hurting small and mid-sized businesses

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