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Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP): The Foundation for the Connected Nonprofit

  • From fundraising to operations to programs and more, the Nonprofit Success Pack turns the world’s #1 CRM into the #1 CRM for nonprofits, so you can focus on impact. The Nonprofit Success Pack starts with a flexible. open data architecture and adds pre-built constituent and donor management components. It’s built for nonprofits, with nonprofits thanks to a large global community of developers, users and partners actively supporting NPSP, and supporting you. The keys to your success with technology? Flexibility and community.
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    “Development is all about building relationships with donors and strengthening their commitment to the Aquarium, with NPSP, we have a 360-degree view of a donor at any given time so we can continue to build and cultivate these relationships. ” – Melanie Bricker, Director of Development Services, National Aquarium

    Connect Everything You Do

    Nonprofit Success Pack is the industry-standard Salesforce app for nonprofits. Our community of nonprofits and partners knows that fundraising is important, but most important is delivering impact. NPSP is the foundation of a flexible platform that empowers nonprofits of any size to run their organizations better and engage more deeply with constituents–and ultimately advance their missions.

    Open, Flexible Data Architecture

    Accelerate your time to impact with NPSP by quickly implementing Salesforce. Easily expand organization-wide and extend your reach with seamless integration with thousands of AppExchange apps or other Salesforce tools such as Marketing Cloud and Pardot.

    Key Building Blocks for Constituent and Donor Management

    Easily access built-in tools to manage programs, donations, volunteers, and supporters–all in one place. Streamline your fundraising processes around deep donor engagement, not data entry. And confidently manage your mission in real-time with preconfigured yet customizable reports and dashboards.

    Global, Community-Powered Movement

    Join a trailblazing community of tens of thousands of organizations–and hundreds of thousands of users in over 80 countries–actively sharing best practices and helping improve NPSP by contributing code, documentation, and more. Tap into a vast ecosystem of expert implementation partners that are passionate about helping you become a Connected Nonprofit.

    Ready to Get Started?

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    Through the Power of Us program. makes Salesforce products available to nonprofits at a deep discount.

    Nonprofit Success Pack Partners

    Whether you plan to use Salesforce to deliver better programs, engage your community, communicate more effectively, or raise more resources, numerous application and system integration partners specialize in NPSP. They are ready to help you get up and running, and make a bigger impact.

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