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One Day Special Event Insurance

Insurance for an event can be very different than an annual business policy. One day insurance policies are typically associated with a special event of some sort. Special events are short term policies that may happen every year but the time duration is typically shorter than a year. These may last one day such as a wedding or up to two or maybe even three weeks such as the Texas State Fair. They could also last for a season such as a farmers market. You may even see some that last for a year especially if they are only looking for liability coverage and have no real property they want to insure such as a concession vendor, or food cart. Another example can could be a food concession trailer who works for a season and they only need liability coverage while they are serving food. Coming in different shapes and sizes though is a common theme for special event policies.

Even the one day event liability policy can provide large limits even though it s only for one day or 24 hours. It is typical to see liability limits of $1 Million / $ 2 Million in coverage for these policies. So for just one day or if you are selling something at a kiosk for an entire year it will provide your business protection against claims involving bodily injury or property damage caused by your business operations. Insurance producers will typically specialize in this type of insurance and are normally independent agents not tied to a specific brand such as you homeowners or renter s insurance policy. These agents will also often provide special event planning professional liability insurance since planners are in the same type of market as special events.

After selecting your insurance agent next is to think of the company you want your insurance placed with. When you select your insurance company it is very important to select one that has strong financial ratings. A.M. Best is one of the top financial rating companies in the world for insurance companies. Best rates on a scale of A+ to F. Very few carriers are A+ rated. Most in the Special Event Industry are A or B rated. We always recommend customers select at least an A rated insurance company for their policy.

Whether you re showcasing art, crafts, selling food, beverages, or sessional items a One day special event policy is what you are looking for. Our online 24/7 websites allow you to get an online insurance quote instantly. In the same amount of time you can quote up to a year’s coverage since we have various options available to choose from. Our online system allows you to quote your liability insurance policy, purchase coverage, and then receive a Certificate on Insurance showing your proof of coverage from the largest insurance carrier in the U.S. Our carrier has an A.M. Best rating of A . So they are financially stable giving you piece of mind that you are covered by a dependable specialty insurance company.

We will be more than happy to discuss the benefits of our one day event insurance coverage or the 12 month option. The longer term policies will in time save you money. Our online self-serve capabilities allow you to return and add new events, and certificates, for a cost of only $10 each. So if you plan on needing vendor insurance for more than one event in a season, consider our Long Term special event policy. We would love to be your event helper. To get an Instant Quote now click on the button below.

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