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Online Colleges in New York

Overview of Online Colleges in New York

In recent years, the New York State Education Department has implemented an initiative to support the growth and development of online learning and blended programs statewide for high school students. This initiative includes district and charter school programs, and higher education to expand learning opportunities for distance learning students. New York also has a Virtual Advanced Placement program that awards grant funds to low income students enrolled in online and blended AP programs.

The goal of this program is to expand opportunities for low income students, and encourage students to participate and succeed in virtual learning AP programs and receive AP credits towards college. Distance learning education in New York has evolved considerably over the last decade, with nearly every degree program offered in state universities tailored for online learning via Open SUNY. With 64 campuses across the state, the State University of New York offers nearly 400 online and blended degree programs, and over 12,000 courses.

New York has continued to see a rise in enrollment in public universities, despite the spike in tuition costs. Between 2004 and 2014. in-state tuition and fees at public four year universities increased 18%. Two year public schools also experienced an 18% increase in tuition costs during this time. According to the Center on Budget and Policies Priorities. this can be partially credited to a 11.1% decrease in state spending per student between 2008 and 2014.

According to the NYSED. in 2004, New York was home to 6.5% of the nation s 4,121 colleges and universities, and offered an estimated 225,522 degree programs. In 2001, to ease the financial burdens of higher education, New York awarded more students grant aid per student than any other state, and provided $648 million in grants, mostly through the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). Overall student enrollment at public universities between 2002 and 2012 increased 20%. Four-year public schools specifically experienced an 11.2% increase between 2005 and 2012. New York is nationally ranked in terms of graduation and student retention rates. with a 60.6% overall graduation rate in public four-year schools, and 84.2% first-year retention rate.

To learn more about the top online degree programs in New York, explore our extensive database of all distance learning opportunities. Learn about college savings and scholarship opportunities, and the state s latest higher education news in the Higher Education Initiatives section below.

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    Official State Links

    College Savings

    • New York State Direct Savings Plan. This 529 plan is managed by UPromise Investments, Inc, and the program is available to any investor. Earnings are tax free, and investors can take a tax deduction on their New York State tax return.
    • New York State Advisor Guided College Savings Plan. The 529 plan investment manager is JPMorgan Distribution Services, Inc, and the program is managed by UPromise Investments, Inc. Anyone can invest, and tax deductions may be taken by investors on their New York state tax return.

    Education Nonprofits

    • New York Higher Education Services Corp.. NYHESC offers information on choosing a college and how to go about gaining funding through loans, grants and scholarships
    • Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP). Their mission is to help disadvantaged students achieve success in college; eligible students receive full tuition, counseling to support their transition to college, tutoring and post-graduation career support.

    Higher Education News

    • New York Times City Room Blog. Part of the New York Times, the City Room blog has a higher education category that discusses the news and goings on of the New York City colleges and universities.
    • New York State Senate’s Higher Education Committee. Here you can find committee meetings, held on a near-weekly basis, archived in video format. State senators and representative hold panels discussing ongoing and pending initiatives to improve higher education statewide.

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