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Educational Leadership

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership

The Doctor of Education Degree (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership is an innovative program designed to provide candidates with an interdisciplinary focus on transformative leadership by exploring theories, research, best practices, and internship experiences necessary to successfully create 21st century, inclusive, equitable and ‘high achievement’ learning environments. Students may choose a focus in PK-12 or higher education. We offer a cohort-based (approx. 18 students) Research Clinical Model with online, hybrid, and weekend classes to accommodate our candidates.

Program Learning Outcomes

Educational Leadership Doctoral Degree Program

1. Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to facilitate the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a school’s or district’s vision of learning for diverse schools that is grounded in social justice concepts.

2. Promote a positive school culture, and provide an effective instructional program that is culturally responsive to the needs of diverse students,

3. Demonstrate expertise in building a school community that promotes a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment that leads to effective management, operations, and resources.

4. Demonstrate the ability to use a wide range of data to develop culturally appropriate strategies to collaborate with families and other community members in order to respond to diverse community interests and needs.

5. Demonstrate a strong theoretical understanding of leadership to promote the success of all students by acting with integrity and in an ethical manner.

6. Demonstrate the ability to apply theoretical knowledge in the five aforementioned learning outcomes with a specific focus on leadership theory, multicultural education, culturally responsive teaching, social justice leadership, student learning and achievement, and organizational theory to transform school so that all students can achieve and learn at high levels.

Doctoral Graduation Dates :

Henceforth, all students intending to graduate in the Spring or in the Fall should formally secure a confirmed dissertation defense date that falls no later than 2 (TWO) weeks after midterm of the semester in which they plan to graduate. Therefore, you must make sure that your dissertation chair, in consultation with the committee members, have formally approved your readiness for defense. Please note that this deadline will apply until we notify you of any changes; no exceptions will be accommodated. Plan accordingly as you must have a very good quality draft of the complete dissertation, in the semester prior to the planned graduation one.

2012-2013 Doctoral Graduates

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