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The Oklahoma County Clerk is responsible for producing the Oklahoma County’s payroll each month as provided for in Title 62 Oklahoma Statutes (2001) Section 304.1. The Oklahoma County payroll is prepared monthly for the more than 1,700 employees and 250 retirees. This process requires real team work from all of the departments and offices within the Oklahoma County Government. The Board of County Commissioners is required to approve all payroll authorizations prior to payroll being distributed to the employees and retirees.


FLSA Fact Sheets

County Employees Monthly Salaries

County Annual Salaries

During the month of February it is the mandatory duty of the Board of County Commissioners to cause to be published a full and complete report of all the county employees and their salaries paid annually. An asterisk is placed in front of the names of employees paid for less than the full twelve (12) months of the preceding calendar year. The listing reflects the gross salary of every employee reported to the Internal Revenue Service on the W-2 Form of the employee. (Title 19 O.S. (2001) Section 444) The Board of County Commissioners shall set the salaries for all elected county officials within the limits allowed by law. (Title 19 O.S. (2001) Section 180.74.B) Annual Salary Report 2016

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