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Stop Paying For Overpriced Car Insurance. We Can Help

When a local man called me recently and told me his story I was shocked.

Turns out his agent told him he’d lose all his long term benefits and probably get less coverage if he switched companies. He’d been insured with his agent for over 10 years and didn’t want to jeopardize all those benefits. but the rates had been slowly climbing up every year. His neighbor had mentioned that she’d gotten our newest Pennsylvania auto insurance policy with the “ratelock” guarantee. so, he decided to call and find out the details. Moral of the story. we not only saved him $631 a year on his auto and home insurance, we gave him better coverage and “locked in” his rate to prevent future increases.

He’s been kind enough to tell three of his neighbors to call us since then. Turns out, his old agent only worked for one company and couldn’t even offer price comparisons.

Everyone gets these promises from our agency.

  • Rates from 10 of the top Pennsylvania car insurance companies in one, easy transaction
  • Same day callbacks or emails on quotes, changes, claims, anything you need
  • A money back guarantee- in writing to every client
  • Equal or Better Insurance for Less Money. you get the best bargain..guaranteed
  • Annual cost reviews to be sure you’re always getting the best bargain

Don’t be denied when you need it most.

Another quick story that comes to mind is about a woman who called us after we paid her neighbor’s water damage claim. She’d been denied coverage by her company and ended up paying over $3200 out of pocket. for the exact type of claim our policy covered in full.

She ended up saving $911 a year on her Pennsylvania auto and home insurance and also knows that she’s got the best policy for her family. No more being victimized by denied claims when she needs it the most. And now she has an agent who will fight to get her claims covered.

Whether you’re searching the web for dirt cheap pennsylvania car insurance, pennsylvania senior auto insurance discounts, or to see how much pennsylvania car insurance for teenage drivers is. we can help you.

Every day we get requests for pennsylvania car insurance minimums, cheap pennsylvania car insurance, collector car insurance in pa, cheap pennsylvania motorcycle insurance, cheap pennsylvania ATV insurance and a hundred others. we deliver on all of these requests. As the experts on pennsylvania auto insurance we’ve been “delivering” for the past 25 years to thousands of satisfied clients. You know someone who needs Pennsylvania free car insurance quotes? Refer them to my site and I’ll send you a $10 Sunoco gas card as our thanks. Heck, I’ll even enter your name in our monthly drawing to win a $50 gift card. that’s how much we love to get referrals.

Who we represent and where we operate.

We’ve been Erie Insurance agents for the past 25 years as well as agents for Donegal, Grange, Kemper, Progressive, Foremost, Farmers, Hartford, Safeco, Mercury and many other top insurance companies in Pa. We’re the best choice for all Pennsylvania car insurance, we’ve been saving people on car insurance in Pittsburgh, Allentown, Philadelphia, Johnstown to name a few. I’d love to add your name and town to our list of satisfied clients today.

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