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Portland Car Insurance

Portland car insurance rates

The bloom comes off “The City of Roses” when Portland commuters take to their cars. The same sprawl-fighting policies that created shorter commutes in the metro area have also resulted in some of the nation’s most stressful and unpredictable peak commuting hours. According to an annual study of national driving habits, Portland is the nation’s sixth-worst place to be during rush hour.

Unfortunately the level of driver frustration doesn’t translate into reduced car insurance rates. In fact, Portland suffers the highest rates in the state of Oregon.

You’ll find the most expensive rates — assuming the same driver in the same car — east of Interstate 205 rather than downtown, and see even lower bills in Beaverton and the western suburbs. The cheapest insurance in the state is found much further south, in Ashland and Corvallis. (The map below shows how ZIP codes in Portland and surrounding cities stack up.)

Your location matters a lot, but so does the company you eventually choose. The cost of identical coverage can vary by several hundred dollars or more.

You’ll find more resources and information about Oregon car insurance on our state profile page.

Why Portland car insurance rates are so high

A recent INRIX study estimated that the average Portland-area driver wasted $937 and 44 hours stuck in traffic jams in 2011, burning through 21 gallons of extra fuel. Collectively, the Portland metro area lost about $1.1 billion on gas and time in traffic. The increasingly familiar Planning Time Index (PTI) delivers the bottom line: to reach a destination that normally takes less than a half-hour requires more than 85 minutes.

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