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Privilege 50 Auto Insurance

Privilege 50 Auto Insurance* is designed to reward good drivers 50 and over. If you have a clean driving record, you could realize significant savings compared to what you re paying now.

At Zenith Insurance, we continually monitor our auto insurance rates to ensure we are providing our policyholders with the best coverage possible at competitive rates.

Our unique rating structure combines your years licensed with the number of years you ve been accident free giving you the most equitable price.


How much could you save? You ll never know until you call or click for your no-obligation quotation.

Call Toll-Free: 1-888-440-4876

NOTE: Currently, online quotes are available for Ontario residents only.


There are many opportunities for you to save even more money on your auto insurance. See the complete list of available Privilege 50 Auto Insurance discounts on this page.

Features Benefits

Privilege 50 Auto Insurance offers an extensive list of value-added coverages for your complete protection.

Accident Forgiveness** – Had an accident? In the event of a first accident following your enrollment with Zenith, you re forgiven . Your insurance rates will not increase as a result of the accident.

Waiver of Depreciation Endorsement – Bought a new car with no previous owner? With the waiver of depreciation endorsement, you can protect your purchase for its full value instead of a depreciated amount.

Emergency Roadside Assistance – Zenith will reimburse you up to $100 for towing or other emergency road services, maximum $200 per policy year.

To find out more about our valued-added features, current Privilege 50 Auto Home Insurance policyholders can call toll-free: 1-888-732-1330. All other Privilege 50 clients can call toll-free: 1-888-440-4876 .

*Policies are underwritten by Zenith Insurance Company. **Please refer to your policy for complete coverage details. In case of inconsistency between the above descriptions and your policy, the terms and conditions of your policy will govern. Please note that not all coverages and discounts are available in all jurisdictions. Premiums and eligibility for coverages will vary for specific individuals depending on individual factors. Please refer to a Zenith representative for details.

Discounts available with

Privilege 50 Auto Insurance

Personal Choice: Additional savings when your Privilege 50 Auto Insurance policy is packaged with your Privilege 50 Home Insurance policy. With one billing date and one easy-to-follow package, Personal Choice saves you time, money and the hassle of dealing with separate statements and payments.

Multi-Vehicle: With Privilege 50 Auto Insurance, multiple vehicles mean multiple savings! Save more when you combine each additional qualifying vehicle on your Privilege 50 Auto Insurance policy.

Toys (ATV s, Snow Vehicles, Motorcycles RV s): Save with qualifying recreational vehicles. Save even more on a qualifying motorhome when the principal operator is 50 years or older.

Loyalty: Rewarding our valued customers with savings is one of the ways Privilege 50 says thank you .

Additional Privilege 50 Auto Insurance discounts for qualifying drivers include:

Conviction Free


Driver Re-Training

Student Away From Home

Graduated Licensing

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