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Product Liability Insurance

Specialized business liability insurance against negligence resulting in injury from a product manufactured or sold by the insured. Primary and excess coverage for a wide variety of exposures including difficult risks.

An elephant is a fine animal, but it doesn t dance very well on the head of a pin. RLI s products liability insurance underwriters recognize this, and understand their competitive edge comes from specialization, service and distinctive, niche-driven products. That s why, when clients need unique coverage for specific products, they call RLI. Because an elephant is a fine animal. But only a specialist can dance on the head of a pin.

When you re looking for innovative solutions to highly specialized commercial liability insurance risks, look to RLI. You ll appreciate our expertise. You ll also appreciate our customer service. RLI underwriters have binding authority. That breeds flexibility, confidence, efficiency, and a level of personalized customer service that is hard to find. Call a broker in your area, today.

  • Flexible, knowledgeable, individual risk underwriters tailor the policy to the needs of the insured
  • A wide variety of classes available including larger difficult accounts
  • Policies issued within 15 days
  • Customized self-insured retention and large deductible programs available as well as standard policy deductibles
  • Special programs for suppliers, importers and manufacturers of auto parts, cosmetics, and medical equipment

Coverage Amounts

RLI offers coverage of up to 1,000,000 per occurrence, 2,000,000 aggregate, with excess limits available up to 10,000,000.

Geographic Availability

RLI s products liability coverage is available in all 50 states, with wholesale brokers located throughout the U.S.

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