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TX Regulations On Auto Insurance

Texas auto insurance laws require drivers to have bodily injury liability limits of $30,000 per person, $60,000 per accident and $25,000 in property damage liability. These Texas auto insurance changes apply to every single one of the 13.5 million private passenger drivers in Texas.

These Texas auto insurance laws don’t only require drivers to keep continuous financial responsibility while driving on Texas roadways; Texas auto insurance laws mandate drivers to carry proof of their auto insurance all the time. Texas auto insurance laws require drivers to provide proof of their auto insurance liability if an accident occurs, a Texas official request proof of auto insurance, a vehicle is being registered, or when obtaining or renewing a driver’s license upon vehicle inspection.

If the drivers do not provide proof of their Texas auto insurance liability, they are subject to vehicle impoundment, license suspension, registration revocation, jail time and fines up to $4,000.


Not only are the visual documents of Texas auto insurance required, but also the use of TexasSure system is required. The state of Texas uses the TexasSure system to verify drivers’ compliance to Texas auto insurance requirements. Texas auto insurance carriers are required to electronically enter all policy information into the TexasSure system and continuously update Texas auto insurance policy information regularly. The Texas auto insurance information consists of policy numbers, drivers’ license numbers, vehicle identification numbers, and policy dates. The purpose of TexasSure is to obtain real-time Texas auto insurance policy information, which makes drivers liable for noncompliance to the Texas auto insurance requirements.

Auto Insurance TX Liability

Like most states, Auto Insurance Texas Liability insures the other person from injuries incurred because of the policyholders’ negligence during the accident. Auto insurance Texas liability also reimburses the policyholder’s legal fees obtained while defending himself from an accident claim in court.

Personal Injury Protection

Texas auto insurance regulations require Texas drivers to offer personal injury protection (PIP) with every auto insurance Texas policy. PIP coverage reimburses medical and funeral expenses caused by accident, regardless of fault. Auto insurance policyholders in Texas can decline PIP coverage but have to do so in writing. Auto Insurance TX carriers also offer medical payment coverage that covers medical and funeral expenses. Auto insurance Texas regulations do not require the written rejection for the coverage, but some auto insurance Texas carriers may request the written rejection for their own record.

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