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Renters Insurance

Help Protect Your Property and

Why Renters Insurance from Sallie Mae Insurance Services?

Think of all the belongings you have in your dorm or apartment. If your things were damaged or stolen, would you and your family be able to afford to replace them? For a low monthly cost, Renters Insurance can help you protect your personal property and liability, like if someone slips and falls or is injured in your apartment. Help protect yourself with Renters Insurance underwritten by Markel American Insurance Company.

Renters Insurance from Sallie Mae Insurance Services offers several features suited to students and young adults:

  • Varying coverage options to suit your needs
    • Personal Property – Up to $25,000 in coverage.
    • Liability Option – Up to $100,000 in coverage for accidental property damage and bodily injury to another person unintentionally caused where you are found legally liable.
  • Flexible monthly payment plan
    • Enroll and cancel on a monthly basis.
    • Policy can be shared by roommates. 1
  • Replacement cost coverage reimburses you the amount it will cost to replace an item with one of the same kind and quality as the original — in today’s market. Electronics, like a smartphone or laptop, are covered up to the policy limits.
  • Worldwide personal property coverage protects belongings both at home and abroad, offering protection even while traveling.

Renters Insurance covers physical loss of your personal property caused by burglary, theft, vandalism, fire, lightning, smoke, and more. Flood coverage is available in certain states. Examples of property covered include:

  • Computer and laptop
  • Cell phone and tablet, like iPhone ®. Android TM. and iPad ®
  • Wallet or purse and the cash in it 2
  • Television or stereo system
  • Books and school supplies
  • Certain jewelry 2
  • Clothes
  • Bicycle
  • Musical instruments
  • And more.
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