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What are Bonds?

Bonds are in game items, redeemable for membership, Keys and RuneCoins, unlocking a world of possibilities and items through Solomon’s General Store.

They are tradable directly player to player, or through the Grand Exchange for in-game wealth and can be securely gifted to a friend or fellow clan member to help get them on board.

Bonds offer you the flexibility to enjoy every piece of premium RuneScape content however you want. With Bonds, the power is in your hands, grab yours today!

Buy in-game, or pay with:

and more

Starting from $5.99

How do they work?

The life cycle of a bond consists of 3 Simple Stages ; Purchase, Trade, Consume.

Stage 1

Player A purchases a Bond from the Billing Page for real money. The bond can then be sold on. given away or consumed .

Stage 2

Player A and Player B agree a trade for the Bond in return for in game items. currency or as a gift. The Price a bond trades for is entirely up to the players .

Once traded. the Bond then becomes untradeable. Players wanting to sell the Bond onto another player (Player C) will need to pay a 10% cost of its current Grand Exchange value .

Stage 3

At any point the Bond can be consumed and exchanged for Membership. Keys or RuneCoins .

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