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SAS systems for Retail Security, Library Security, Museum and Heritage Sites using the latest RFID security systems, RF, EM, AM tags, and labels, display protection, tamper evident bags, cash bags, EPOS. S A Secure supply a total Loss Prevention Solution.

S A Secure provides the widest, unbiased choice of advanced displayed merchandise protection systems for retail and library security currently available. Our products are used in all kinds of situations for a wide range of merchandise:- clothing, spectacles, bottles, sports equipment, food items, laptop security, hardware, books, CDs, videos etc. All our solutions are genuinely tailored to our customers’ individual needs. Lease options are available if required.

AMS-1150 – 2 Pedestal Dual System (also available in 3 pedestal (split) system)

SA Secure supply a range of 58Khz that cater from the narrowest of doorways to the supermarkets’ widest openings. We are very happy to announce that we are also now a UK distributor for ADT Sensormatic EAS Tagging Systems, Security Tags, Soft tags (labels) plus deactivation systems for both hard tags + labels.

There are x2 styles of the Sensormatic Systems that we can supply. We have our Standard Version Dual System (x2 pedestals one placed either side of entrance/exit doors) as well as our Sensormatic Transparent Plexiglass Dual System.

The Standard Dual System we only offer a 2 pedestal system which are suited to single and double door entrances only. However our Plexiglass System we can offer a 2 ped system to suit single and double door entrances up to 2 metres wide, but also offer a 3 pedestal system split, which can cover wider entrances up to around 3.5 metres.

We also supply a range of tamper evident security bags, cash bags, hotel valuable bags and CCTV evidence bags.

It is a proven fact in retail merchandising that if goods are put on open display for the customer to touch and feel, the sale of these products will increase dramatically. But how do you stop the opportunist thief from walking away with the goods? Speak to us and we will help with your retail security.

Our RF EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) retail security systems and AM EAS shop security systems provide a cost effective entry into perimeter defence for shop security. Systems are available to suit all applications, together with a complete range of standard tags (hard and label types), and specialist tags for the protection of bottles, spectacles, sunglasses and similar items. S A Secure can also supply fully customised hard tags for your shop security system. We are able to provide lease options on any of these security systems if required.

S A Secure supply all frequencies, RF, EM, AM labels and hard tags, as well as non alarming devices such as bottle caps and safers. All labels can be custom designed, and S A Secure can also assist in source tagging.

The latest RFID technology is available for retail security and library security to enable full tracking of items, as well as providing a security solution.

Using EM technology in Library situations offers a high level of detection and can be used for books, DVDs, CDs, videos, journals, etc. at a cost effective price. The antennas are available to suit all sizes of entrance/exit and can be linked together to create dual or triple aisle environment. Library security can be scaled for all types of libraries offering security solutions to national libraries, college libraries and school libraries, to name a few.

In addition with the use of RFID security systems, S A Secure can assist with automated sorting systems, automated check in and automated check out, as well as compatible 3M solutions.

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