Senate Insurance Committee Agenda #payday #loans

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Senate Insurance Committee Agenda



Senator Neil D. Breslin, Chair

11:00 AM, Monday, June 8, 2009

The committee will consider the following nominations.

Eileen Frank, Commissioner of the State Insurance Fund;

Printed                Sponsor                     Title

3552                    Breslin                        An act to amend the insurance law,

Refer to Codes                                       in relation to unauthorized providers of

health services.

4767                    Breslin                      An act to amend the insurance law,

in relation to approval of certain insur-

ance and annuity policy forms.

5203                    Breslin                       An act to amend the insurance law

Refer to Codes                                      and the navigation law, in relation to re-

quiring certain policies of insurance for public

vessels which carry passengers.

5456                    Diaz                          An act to amend the insurance law, in relation

to third-party notification prior to termination of

health insurance policies for subscribers aged

sixty-five years or older.

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