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Sigma College of Nursing

Sigma College of Nursing – SHTI

1988 was the year when this society by the name of Sigma Health Training Institute Ludhiana in short SHTI was formed. Thereafter, the same has been got registered with the registrar of firms and societies, Punjab. As the name of the society indicates, the main objective in forming this society was to provide health education and health related facilities to all the needy individuals of society. The other objective in forming this society was to bring the youth of Punjab in main stream of nation for the overall development of this border state. No doubt, for the better functioning of an educational institute so as to produce good citizens by providing them better education in a healthy and congenial atmosphere, good team work of volunteers etc. is required, but to this society, its founder chairman has been a great thinker and of course, a guiding personality who himself has served in the health deptt. Of Punjab govt. His main motto and of course the basic objective of SHTI is, Carry on caring and treating the health of masses by producing a number of trained younger generation of health workers, medical and laboratory technicians, nurses, Doctors, Para-medical staff and other trained personnel for overall betterment of the society. Though charity needs no recommendation, even then to encourage other social workers, it is worth mentioning here that in its beautiful past, SHTI has contributed a lot by arranging medical camps, by putting its services in the national IPPI program for the eradication of polio, by implementing and executing the Reproductive and Child health project of an international body i.e. UNICEF in its true letter and spirit. Infact, SHTI is always eager to put its services for the welfare of mankind. Wherever, the voluntary services for mankind and also for animals are required, it is assured that none of the persons concerned with SHTI would feel hesitation in coming forward.

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