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Group Health Insurance

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As one of the top insurance firms in America*, Paychex Insurance Agency has the plan types and carrier connections to make it easy to offer and manage a group health plan for your employees.

Speak with knowledgeable Health and Benefits representatives to help you identify group health plans that meet the unique needs of your business, with coverage options including:

About Small Business Group Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most important employer-provided benefits currently offered in the workforce. If you are thinking about offering this benefit, or are reevaluating your insurance needs, consider which group insurance benefits are right for you.

Determine the Right Group Insurance Benefits

Paychex Insurance Agency is ready with the coverage you need at every stage in your business. Whether you re thinking of offering group health insurance, or you ve decided to switch plan administrators, our health and benefits representatives will talk with you about your options. Once your group plan is up and running with Paychex Insurance Agency, we ll continue to support you with:

  • Designated client service specialists.
  • A welcome call, policy information and a guidebook.
  • Setting up your new insurance account.
  • Calculating contributions and setting up your initial deduction.
  • Enrollment.
  • Eligibility and enrollment status reports.
  • Premium deduction management for new hires, qualifying events, or status changes.
  • Coordinating with your insurance carrier.
  • Shopping for alternate plans during the renewal period.

Paychex Insurance Agency

Visit Paychex Insurance Agency for more about group health insurance, individual, business, and workers’ compensation insurance.

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Stay up-to-date on current and upcoming health insurance regulations and learn how they may affect your business.

You and your employees can save on taxes by letting workers set aside pre-tax dollars for approved health expenses.

A POP pays a portion of employees insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis, helping reduce their taxable income as well as the amount used to determine your payroll taxes.

*Business Insurance magazine

Insurance offered through Paychex Insurance Agency, Inc. 150 Sawgrass Dr. Rochester, NY 14620. CA license 0C28207. The Paychex Insurance Agency Workers Compensation Payment Service is available in all states except Alaska, North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, and Wyoming.

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