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The Small Business Health Insurance Network is your premier choice for obtaining high quality, low cost healthcare for you and your employees nationwide. Whether you are looking for small business, group or self employed medical insurance, you are sure to find the resources and service you need with our website. We understand that the environment of small business owners differs in many respects from that of larger businesses that might require specific plans and even emr vendors to help streamline their employees’ insurance. In many instances, small business owners know their employees personally and have more limited budgets. As such, small business owners want to provide the very best benefits for their employees but may have fewer resources to do so.

We believe that regardless of fiscal constraints, everyone deserves quality healthcare – especially those entrepreneurs who are taking chances, creating job opportunities with benefits and solid work environments in our economy. This is why we are committed to providing you with the resources you need to find quality, affordable small business health insurance, self employed health insurance, family health insurance and group health insurance.

Current Conditions for Effecting Small Business and Group Health Insurance

More than 60% of people in the US with medical coverage receive their healthcare plans through an employer sponsored group health insurance plan. This benefit is reported by employees as the most important benefit that they receive from their employer. Therefore, companies that offer comprehensive medical coverage group plans to their employees usually have a lower staff turn-over rate. In addition, these benefits are used to attract qualified employees. These two factors, employee retention and attraction, are the two primary reasons companies offer group health insurance.

Companies in the US spend billions of dollars annually to provide medical coverage for their employees, which make up the majority of the revenue generated by medical coverage companies. Companies have seen an incredible increase in costs in recent years, primarily due to the rising cost of medical care and prescription drugs. These consistently increasing premiums have forced many companies to reduce medical benefits, eliminate medical benefits or require their employees to pay higher premiums and out of pocket costs on their group health insurance plans. The number of companies that are able to offer full premium payment for their employees and their dependants are decreasing every year.

How We Help You Find Affordable Health Insurance for You and Your Employees

We serve small business owners like you nationwide by connecting you with multiple healthcare providers to obtain small business health insurance quotes, group health insurance quotes and self employed health insurance quotes that offer complete medical coverage plans at affordable rates. You can simply enter your zip code for multiple quotes and fill out a basic questionnaire about your small business or self employed status to get the best policy for your specific situation. Only the group health insurance providers that can offer you and your employees the most complete medical coverage plans at the most affordable rates will complete to provide you with the best cost and coverage policies.

You can discuss with the licensed health insurance agents you business’ medical coverage needs. They will provide you with various options and affordable rates that meet your requirements. You can simply choose the medical coverage plans and rates that are best for you and your employees or decide that group health insurance isn’t right for you. There is no obligation compare rates or to purchase any specific small business health insurance coverage or small business health insurance plan. When you feel comfortable with an agent and a quote, you can decide to move forward with that small business or group health insurance provider. Best of all, group health insurance rates are regulated by law, so you’ll always get the lowest rates and be choosing your coverage based on who and what you feel comfortable with.

Going Beyond Providing Small Business Owners with Affordable Quotes

Self employed health insurance coverage is complicated. Providing group health insurance can be even more daunting. We recognize these barriers in choosing comprehensive and affordable health insurance plans. This is why we have created a wide-ranging resource center that focuses on helping small business owners and self employed people understand the various aspects of group health insurance and small business health insurance.

To ensure you have the background information you need to make informed decision about your medical coverage plans and rates, we provide comprehensive informational guides about small business health insurance, group health insurance, self employed health insurance, flexible spending accounts, section 105 plans, section 125 plans, cafeteria plans, transit plans and other tax saving strategies. As a leader in the industry, we are committed to providing you and your company with the resources needed to find the quality, affordable healthcare coverage.

Our website allows small business owners find and compare competitive small business and group health insurance quotes. We have access to countless nationwide companies and group providers available to review health, dental, life and ancillary benefits that include drug rehab programs to fit your needs. Serving the needs of small business owners and self employed people nationwide, we can help you learn and understand the benefits and shortcomings of certain group health insurance, dental insurance and ancillary benefits.

Affordable Group Health Insurance Classifications

In most states, affordable group health insurance rates are available to any company with two or more employees. To be classified as a “small business” to get small business health insurance rates, a company typically has between 2 – 50 employees on payroll. Eligibility requirements may vary from state to state and most companies must meet certain qualifications in order to be classified in this category. It’s important to note however, that a company cannot be turned down for medical coverage because of the health of any of its employees.

Most medical coverage companies in the US have three classification levels based on the number of enrolled employees on the group health insurance plan. These three classifications are small group, generally ranging from 2 – 50 employees; mid-sized group, which has varying requirements; and large group, which also has varying requirements for inclusion. These are standard classifications for group health insurance plans, although the number of employees that are required to fall into specific categories may be determined by the insurance company or by state legislation. No matter how big or small your company is, you can rest assured that we’ll help you with find the right group health insurance coverage.

Affordable Group Health Insurance Options

We are a trusted choice in reviewing and planning company benefits. Most employer sponsored benefit plans are part of a compensation package that can help you hire and retain employees that you rely upon to succeed. Some of the many companies available to compare plans include; Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Kaiser Permanente, Humana, Assurant, United Healthcare and many others that specialize in also providing employee assistance programs such as Florida drug rehab. Rates are subject to change. Although there are many choices to consider when looking for comprehensive and affordable small business health insurance quotes, we can assist you with comparing some popular major medical plans that many employers choose to offer. All small business health insurance quotes requests are processed for coverage and rate information the day they are received on a secure server.

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