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Statman, Harris and Eyrich, LLC: Attorneys with Results

Statman, Harris and Eyrich, LLC combines the resources of a national-scale law firm with the personal attention normally associated with smaller ones. This winning recipe has made the firm highly regarded, with a long list of awards supporting its reputation. Attorneys at the firm s six offices are ready to help clients with legal needs of almost any kind.

A Wide-Ranging Practice With Deep Expertise

Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC s proven expertise and record of success span a range of legal fields relevant to both companies and individuals, including:

  • Business Law, Corporate Law, and Planning. Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC corporate attorneys regularly help businesses with any of their legal needs. The company s experienced business lawyers provide assistance with everything from incorporation to stock issuance and more.
  • Commercial Banking, Finance and Litigation Lawyers. The firm s attorneys help clients craft contracts that enable reliable, secure business relationships. If contracts are breached, Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC s commercial banking and finance attorneys provide effective representation, helping clients secure remedies.
  • Real Estate Attorneys. Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC works with lending institutions and borrowers on commercial and residential real estate projects and loans.
  • Class Action. Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC has secured many class-action awards from defendants including Verizon and the Boulder Growth and Income Fund. The firm s attorneys work closely with lead plaintiffs to ensure their interests are properly represented and protected in every class action lawsuit.
  • Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice. Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC also represents those who have been harmed through medical malpractice or other acts of negligence or malice. With a long record of negotiating generous settlements, the firm s attorneys are also equipped to succeed through litigation, leveraging a strong network of experienced expert witnesses and other resources.
  • Family Law, Wills, and Estate Planning. From prenuptial agreements to divorce. support, and child custody disputes, Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC is a leading source of assistance for those with family law needs. The personalized attention the firm is known for helps Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC estate planning attorneys identify and pursue the most satisfying solutions for each client.
  • Bankruptcy Lawyers. Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC helps both companies and individuals find financial relief through the nation s bankruptcy provisions. The firm s lawyers also regularly represent creditors, protecting their interests through liquidation or reorganization.
  • Valuable Experience with Other Legal Issues. Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC attorneys are also at home in many other legal fields, including employment law. banking and credit union regulation, as collections attorneys. and the probate process. For virtually any legal need, Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC offers a compelling mixture of experience, personal attention, and dedication.

Recognized Excellence and a Long Record of Success

The firm s many successes have earned it a long list of awards and commendations. Fortune Magazine has identified Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC as a top legal partner for the nation s most successful firms. Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC attorneys consistently place among the best in the country, securing notice in the Super Lawyers index, the Top Trial Lawyers in America. the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. and other respected rankings.

In legal fields ranging from corporate litigation to class action suits, Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC has assembled an impressive record of high-profile success. The firm s consistent dedication to producing the best possible results for clients distinguishes it from many others in the legal industry, earning loyalty and gratitude from those who benefit from its services.

Six Offices, Strategically Placed and Ready to Help with Any Legal Need

A network of locations spread between Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Florida help Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC cater to the legal needs of every client:

  • Cincinnati, Ohio. Located at 441 Vine Street, Suite 3700, in the downtown Carew Tower, the Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC Cincinnati office opened in 2001 and can be reached by telephone at: (513) 621-2666.
  • Chicago, Illinois. Opened in 2002, the firm s office at 30 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 2200, is centrally located, offering easy access to the Chicago attorneys to both commuters and those who live in the city. Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC s downtown Chicago lawyers are available by phone.
  • Dayton, Ohio. Easy to access from anywhere in the Dayton area, the 1 South Main Street, Suite 900, Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC location has been providing premier legal services since 2001.
  • Evendale, Ohio. Open by appointment, the firm s Evendale office is located at 10485 Reading Road, near Interstate 75 and was established in 2001.
  • Palm Beach, Florida. The Palm Beach office at 2275 S. Ocean Blvd. began serving clients throughout Florida in 2009.
  • Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Occupying Suite 100 at 2222 Franklin Rd, the Michigan branch of Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC is easily accessible from nearby Detroit.

Top-Rated Chicago and Cincinnati Attorneys

With an unmatched range and depth of legal expertise and a network of conveniently located offices, Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC is ready and determined to produce results for clients. The firm s long record of dedication, personal attention, and success make it the perfect partner for a wide range of companies, individuals, and others requiring legal assistance. Call the nearest Statman, Harris Eyrich, LLC office today to find out how the firm can help resolve legal issues and secure favorable results.

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