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Short Term Car Insurance

The UK now has a range of different temporary car insurance providers which means getting a cheap deal for anywhere between 24 hours to 30 days of cover could well be possible easily and quickly online.

Gone are the days of having to call around different brokers to try and arrange an alteration to your existing policy. A quick search on the Web should return a list of providers and the chance to get a few quotes within minutes.

Instant protection is available whether it is required for one week or just a day. Examples of where it can be convenient are taking a car for a test drive, insuring a friend or colleague if you are sharing the driving on a road trip or when using a courtesy vehicle while your motor is off the road for whatever reason.

Temp vehicle insurance is becoming more and more popular, providing drivers with a solution to their immediate insurance needs. It is generally available for any period of time between one and 28 days.

Unlike an annual policy, you pay only for the cover you need which gives an economically viable alternative to traditional insurance. There are a few points you need to remember though; you cannot tax a car which is only temporarily insured and you cannot simply take out one policy after another throughout the year. Temporary cover is designed for short periods of time only and should not be compared to or confused with a way to get the cheapest standard policy.

Short term insurance is available for the majority of vehicles that are registered within the UK and have not had any modifications made to them. As well as standard automobiles you may also be able to find cover for your motorbike, motor home or van. A temporary policy is a great way to save money on your insurance without affecting your no-claims bonus in a number of different situations.

Temporary cover can be taken out when you are driving your vehicle abroad and your regular policy will not cover you when you take your vehicle outside of the UK. When used in this sense you will often have to pay an extra premium to include fully comprehensive cover; in the majority of cases you will only be covered for third party or the equivalent in the country where you will be travelling to.

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