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Temporary Auto Insurance and Situations to Use It

When it comes to auto insurance. there are times when one needs to insure their car for an entire year and times when a day s worth of coverage will do nicely. In this article, we will take a look at temporary auto insurance and some situations in which you might find that a day, week or month worth of car insurance is all that you need.

What is temporary auto insurance?

First what is temporary auto insurance? These are car insurance policies that have been put together by insurance companies to allow for very short usage needs. Perhaps you are just using the car for a single day. or know that you ll be leaving for a long vacation at the end of the month and just want a month worth of insurance. Although the term is shorter than the typical full year that most auto insurance plans run, temporary auto insurance will cover provide the same amount of coverage to ensure that you re not left unprotected in the event of an accident.

How it is used

Temporary auto insurance is most frequently used when purchasing a vehicle from somewhere other than a dealership which has its own auto insurance partnerships on hand, or if you want to get the vehicle home so you can call another auto insurance company to purchase coverage. All car dealerships will be able to facilitate the purchase of a temporary auto insurance policy that can cover a day or week worth of auto insurance, which will enable you to drive the car back to your residence so that you can keep it safe in the garage until you purchase a longer-term auto insurance policy. Keep in mind that the most expensive auto insurance policy available is a single-day policy, so if you are pretty sure you are buying the car when you head to the dealership, you might want to have your auto insurance sorted out in advance.

Temporary auto insurance is great when you need to transport a vehicle during a move or when you just need to get it from the summer home back to your regular house. While some may choose to have insurance on vehicles like this year round, if you re not making use of the car for months on end and it s locked safely away in a garage insurance might not be all that necessary. Make use of temporary auto insurance when you need to have it on the road, and save some money by avoiding insurance when you re not using it.

Lending a vehicle to someone is another great time to invest in a temporary auto insurance policy. Have the driver purchase the policy so that they are the one that has to deal with any ill insurance effects that might come from a crash or accident. Even if your current auto insurance covers loaning your car out to a family member or friend, it s still better to have them purchase a temporary insurance policy so that you don t see any rises in your auto insurance rates because of their negligence.

Do you need a temporary insurance policy?

Vehicles that are driven on a seasonal basis, such as recreational vehicles, motorcycles or snowmobiles are perfect candidates for temporary auto insurance. Most states require that these vehicles are registered and insured just like a regular car or truck, but since you aren t driving them in the off-season it makes little sense to pick up a full year worth of insurance. Stick with a temporary auto insurance plan that provides you will full coverage but doesn t cost too much.

Finally, a longer-term temporary auto insurance policy can help greatly if you can t afford a full year s worth of auto insurance, or don t have enough credit to be placed on a monthly payment plan with your insurer. Your auto insurance company won t turn you down if you have the cash in hand for a three or six-month policy, so check with them to see what kind of temporary auto insurance products that they offer and pick one that fits in your current budget.

9 reasons somebody may need temporary auto insurance:

Short term, or temporary vehicle insurance may be useful in the following cases.

1. A driver is for any reason between policies, but nevertheless must be on the road

2. Insuring a rental car for a cross country road-trip

3. House guests needs to drive a car for a short duration of time

4. Temporary possession of the vehicle

5. An automobile wants protection in storage

6. A vehicle that ll soon be offered

7. Relatives or visitors from a different state who have to drive a car for a brief amount of time

8. University students that are house for breaks and require to drive a car for a brief amount of time

9. Immediate driveaway insurance if you have just purchased a car.

Other things to keep in mind with short term car insurance

If you believe you could purchase temporary car insurance policy there are a couple of other things you need to understand. For example:

  • Commonly temporary insurance policies are taken out for anywhere from one to 28 days. You can extend this longer. However long you need a short-term coverage you should have one only to ensure you are really an insured motorist.
  • There are various alternatives for your own temporary policy. Make sure you get the one that is best suited for you not just the cheapest or the one an underwriter determines you should have.
  • Bear in mind should you be driving a car of higher value you should never settle for too basic an insurance plan. If you do this you will be left paying the difference from your own pocket anyway.
  • Check for coverage for everything from collision with another car to 1 with a structure or even an animal. Be sure you are covered regardless of what happens to you behind the wheel.
  • Bearing that in mind, ensure you also have protection from things like fire, theft, storms and Acts of God. Too many drivers assume this a part of the normal coverage and it s not. Even vandalism could be covered in a temporary car insurance policy but only when you make certain it is contained.
  • You may even want or need to truly have a policy that can offer coverage in case of a breakdown. This is particularly crucial if you re using or sharing another driver s auto. Try to achieve a policy that will even insure your rental car.

How to get cheap temporary auto insurance

These are the most common situations in which one would want to use temporary auto insurance; however, there are of course many more that we haven t listed here. The bottom line is that you can rest assured that no matter what your auto insurance needs, insurers have a plan or package that can help you get the insurance that you need for as long as you might need it. Get in touch with your auto insurance agent today to discuss temporary auto insurance and how it can work for you!

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