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Texas Health Insurance

Does the high cost of Texas health insurance premiums make you angry? Read on and maybe there is something you can do about it.

Texas health insurance premiums are going up and up. Like the rest of you, I am totally disgusted with the lack of affordable health insurance. It is costing me a small fortune to insure my family. It is one thing to work your butt off for your home, your children’s education or retirement. But, when you are working just to pay insurance premiums, something is terribly wrong.

Look, we know damn well that health insurance companies are not your friend or mine. They will deny a claim anytime they are able to. They will raise rates on a consistent basis as much as they think they can get away with. If you have any preexisting conditions, they will, in all probability, not be covered – if they insure you at all. I am sorry if I am ranting.

Don’t worry, it is not hopeless.

Everybody asks me the same question: Which is the best Texas health insurance plan? You want the truth? Can you handle the truth? The fact is, you have a few companies that are complete garbage and the rest are mediocre at best. The most you can hope for is that your claims will be paid in a timely fashion and will not be denied due to a loophole.

It does not cost any more to have me help you find a decent plan, make sure you apply honestly and properly so your claims won’t get denied, and be there for you if there are any problems. Don’t play health insurance Russian roulette on the Internet. At least scroll down a little and check out this web site.

NEWS:We still have a plan that will cover a child(ren) without a parent on the plan. Click on Texas Health Insurance for Children

The Easiest Way I Know of To Save Money on Health Insurance

We can use a combination of a supplemental hospital plan combined with a higher deductible health insurance plan. The result is lower premiums and better coverage. Unless you just struck oil in your backyard, you should take a minute or two and learn how we lower premiums. Low Cost Texas Health Insurance .

If you have a health problem and cannot qualify for private health insurance I do have some limited benefit plans that are the best in class. Guaranteed Issue Texas Health Insurance Plans


Mon – Fri 9 A.M. to 8 P.M.

Saturday 10 A.M. to 2 P.M.

HSA (Health Savings Accounts) – Free Health Insurance?

The government will help you pay for your health insurance. I know what you are thinking, but it is true. The new HSA plans can save you so much money on your taxes, that in some instances, the tax savings could equal the cost of your insurance premiums or reduce them to almost nothing. Our politicians finally did something right.

These are major medical PPO plans that permit you to put money into a special savings account. The money you put into the account comes right off of your gross income at tax time. You do not even have to itemize. Plus, if you are self-employed, the cost of the health insurance comes off of your taxes as well.

Try this on for size: a couple in Austin pays $167 a month for health insurance and their tax deductions (they are in the 30% bracket) were $185 a month.

The government gives them back 30% of their contribution and the plan paid them another 4% interest. That is 34% annual interest on their money. Thank you Uncle Sam.

To read more about Texas HSA plans click here


We have real PPO Texas dental insurance plans where you can use any dentist you want. It has a huge national PPO dental netwok.

This plan has no waiting period for many major procedures and a very short waiting period for others. Preventative work is covered 100% with no deductible.

If you dentist told you to get a PPO dental plan, this should do the trick. Texas PPO Dental Plan (click now)

Get a reduced fee for service plan for about $6.50 a month. Some of these plans offer free cleanings, x-rays and exams. If you want to see what plans and dentists are in your area, put your zipcode into the box. This is a discount plan not a PPO. There is limited coverage but it might still be a bargain.

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