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Texas Maternity Insurance

Are you are looking for Texas maternity insurance? Insurance to cover maternity costs can be very difficult and expensive to obtain. But, if you take a few minutes to read this page, we might be able to help.

Again, please read this page BEFORE you call. There is no point in having us read it to you. Afterwards, if you still have questions, give us a call.

IF YOU ARE ALREADY PREGNANT – you cannot obtain regular insurance coverage. You cannot insure against something that already happened. We wish you the best of luck.

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Some Basic Facts About Texas Maternity Coverage

1. There is no such thing as Maternity Insurance. We use the name in our web site heading because that is what you typically search for. But technically speaking, maternity insurance does not exist.

2. Maternity Rider – Some health insurance plans have an optional maternity rider. These riders can be very expensive, have their own separate deductible and make you wait 12 months from the day you take the plan until you can become pregnant.

We do not have any Texas health insurance plans with a maternity rider. The last plan we knew of was pulled many months ago.

All is not lost. Here are the plans we can provide to help you pay for a pregnancy. Do not dismiss them before reading this information all the way through:

Most people who call us are really pissed off that they are going to have to pay for a pregnancy out of their own pocket. You do not necessarily have to pay for it all if you do a little planning. If you don’t, you have nobody to blame but yourself. In spite of what you may think, nobody gets pregnant by accident, sitting on a public toilet or swimming at the city pool.

Hospital Cash Plans – This is essentially a supplemental plan that will pay out fixed amounts for hospital stays. They do not care if you are in the hospital to have a heart transplant, a broken leg or to have a baby.

The Hospital Cash Plan

This plan will pay you $2,000 the first time you are hospitalized each year. They do not care why. This means that maternity is just fine. The only gotcha is that you must be on the plan for 10 months before you collect. So, from the day the plan begins, do not get pregnant for the first 6 weeks (minimum). That way you will have a better chance of being on the plan for at least 10 months.

This plan usually costs around $50 a month. Now, do the math. You buy the plan and give birth a year later (for example). You spent $600 and received back $2,000. It is a no-brainer.

For a small additional amount they will also pay out $200 a day on top of the $2,000.

Since maternity coverage is only found in group health insurance plans, we try to help you control costs in other ways.

Hospital Discount Service

This is what is known as an advocacy service. It will help you find and negotiate for the lowest possible costs hospital in your area for maternity services. In the past they saved our clients a great deal of money on maternity and other medical services.

They have been doing this a long time and are very good at it. The service is very inexpensive (about $90 a year) and will pay for itself many times over.

To enroll, use our special Promo Code. Simple go to www.compassphs.com/register.php (click on link). Use the Promo Code UKM when registering

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