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The Best Classic Car Insurance Companies

June 14, 2013

If you own a classic car. insurance companies that are willing to insure your vehicle are not as numerous as you might believe. Classic cars require levels of coverage that many car insurance companies are simply not willing to provide. Even if a company is willing to provide higher value coverage for a classic car, they may not offer the options and flexibility required to properly ensure a classic car.

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However, there are a few companies that specialize in classic car coverage. These companies understand the special needs and requirements of classic car owners with insuring their vehicles. For instance, classic car insurance companies understand the importance of an agreed or negotiated value when insuring a collector vehicle. So, here are a few of the best classic car insurance companies.

Grundy Worldwide is located just north of Philadelphia and has been insuring classic cars since 1947. In fact, Grundy Worldwide is one of the fastest growing and largest classic car insurance companies in the world. At present, Grundy Worldwide insures more than one and a half million classic cars through A++ and A+ rated carriers.

Many classic car owners and insurance agents consider Grundy Worldwide to be the preeminent classic car insurance company because of their expertise in the industry and flexible coverage options. If you are serious about protecting your classic car or collector car, Grundy Worldwide should be one of your first destinations when reviewing policies.

Hagerty Insurance Agency

With their home in Traverse City Michigan, Hagerty Insurance Agency was founded over 40 years ago. They started out as a general lines insurance agency and moved into specialty insurance for classic cars in 1983. Hagerty Insurance Agency offers a variety flexible options for covering classic and collector cars. In fact, for classic car collectors, Hagerty Insurance Agency offers their exclusive single liability plan which charges a single liability charge regardless of how many cars are in your classic car collection.

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Hagerty Car Insurance agency also sponsors one of the largest classic and collector car communities in the country. Hagerty Plus proudly boasts more than 250,000 members that own classic and collector cars. The agency frequently sponsors classic car events where members can bring the price vehicles and show them off to the public. Hagerty Plus members that insure their cars with Hagerty Insurance Agency also enjoy a considerable discount on membership.

J.C Taylor Insurance Agency

The JC Taylor insurance agency has been insuring antique cars. classic cars and modified cars ever since the mid-1950s. JC Taylor offers a wide variety of coverage options for many specialty vehicles and is highly regarded for their policies which are underwritten by Z rich financial services. They offer customized coverage policies for all types of specialty vehicles and are well known for generous valuations for agreed value or negotiated value policies.

JC Taylor is also very committed to the antique and classic car enthusiast movement as well. They often sponsor national events for local and national auto clubs that promote antique, classic and modified vehicles.

If you presently have a car insurance policy through Allstate or Geico, you may be able to get some limited coverage for your classic vehicle. These companies both have agreed value options for policyholders. However, the coverage is not as specialized as it is with the three companies that are mentioned above. However, if you have coverage on other vehicles through Allstate or Geico, you may be able save a considerable amount of money with multiple vehicle discounts that are available.

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