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The little voice in America s head

We have a lot of nut jobs in Europe too, the difference is that their range is limited so they only really fuck their own country up.

It s a common joke/wish in the rest of the world the everybody should be allowed to vote in American elections because everything America does has such huge consequences for the rest of the world.

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Seriously, Humon. If Trump wins you are OBLIGATED to draw America s hair like Donald Trump s hair for the next four years!

The problem here is that both candidates are actually terrible choices. One is a diplomatic nightmare, the other is almost guaranteed to implement changes that about half of the country finds to be fundamentally unacceptable. Both have been caught either deliberately antagonizing influential factions and other nations or outright lying about things we ought to be able to trust a candidate about.

No matter how much people tell me that one candidate is better than the other, there s too much evidence that tells me my life will be worse than before if EITHER gets into office.



Obama has been facing non-stop obstructionism for his entire Presidency, but he had enough political allies to push stuff through. The current parties have made clear they aren t nearly as united behind their respective candidates as Obama and the Republican Speakers of the House had.

No matter who wins, they aren t going to get a free pass from their own party.



Regrettably, Congress has given the Presidential Office a pass on overly broad abilities to do things with trade agreements and tariffs.

It s going to be interesting to see if he s elected, President Trump tries a tariff under the powers. and if Congress will rein him in.

And any resulting tariff war.

What s worse. At least the presentation that I got was that the contents of the bill were secret pending approval. That s not how you run a democracy. If you want to know what s in it, you have to pass it .




we always aim to go for the good, but in this case you have only to choose the lesser evil: let s try not to make a mess like britons did and keep tight for four years.

Whether you agree that border fences/walls are a good idea, it s still hypocritical to stand and judge America for being stupid or unethical for wanting a border fence/wall when European Countries, even EU members, have them and are planning on building them.

A fence is either a smart idea that won t work, or a stupid idea that will.
Even if you allow for right to travel, and ignore the socioeconomic reasons for wanting one, there is a fair amount of illicit trade across the border. Basically, a wall or fence would be more for blocking organized crime than the random swimmer who decides poverty in the US, hiding from the INS, beats poverty in Mexico, hiding from the drug gangs.
The problem is, of course, that those same gangs are equipped enough to get around any such fence. It d be little more than a speed bump.

Mind you, the socioeconomic reasons are very likely the real reasons. Keeping them over there is probably higher in the priorities of most yeah voters than is putting an obstacle in the path of the current drug trade.
And it s at least partially self-serving hypocrisy. An oppressed population, such at one in fear of deportation, is easier to exploit for cheap labor.



(To be fair, there s so many different things going on in European countries that you can always find *someone* doing/not doing what you want and using that as an example).

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