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Top 5 Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

These days everyone s looking for ways to save money, but many people renew their auto insurance without thinking about it. So before you pay for the same old policy, here are five tips that could help you save on your auto insurance.

Rates are constantly changing, so if it s been awhile since you got an insurance quote, shop around to see if another company can offer you better rates.

Ask about discounts that might help you save on your auto insurance. You might be surprised by the answer. For example, AAA offers discounts for multiple policies, good students, antitheft recovery devices, hybrids, and defensive driving, just to name a few. There s even a discount just for being a AAA member.

Here are some of the most common discounts:

  • Hybrid/alternative fuel
  • Multi policy
  • Advance shopping
  • New car
  • Passive restraint
  • Anti-theft recovery device
  • Loyalty
  • Good student
  • Distant student
  • SMART driver
  • Defensive driving course

A lot of insurance companies offer a discount for bundling your home and auto policies under the same provider. However, rates are sometimes better under separate carriers, so make sure you have all the facts before making a decision.

Your financial responsibility score helps providers calculate your risk level. If your credit has improved since your last renewal, be sure to tell your insurance company so your policy can be reevaluated.

A vehicle s loss history is the frequency and cost of claims other drivers have filed with the same model. If a certain model has a history of frequent and costly claims, you could end up paying higher than average rates.

For more questions about your policy, speak to a AAA Insurance agent by calling toll-free 1-866-298-1232.

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