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Is My Dog Eligible For Dog Insurance?

Some breeds are subject to certain or are very hard to get cover for at all. In the United Kingdom, breeds that are banned under the dangerous dogs act which include:

American Pit Bull Terriers

Japanese Tosas

Dog Argentinos

Fila Braxilieros

Wolf hybrids

would not be eligible for insurance cover.

Some insurers will not offer insurance to commercial animals as they are not considered pets. A commercial animal would be defined as one that earned its owner financial reward, such as a racing greyhound or working sheepdog. Always ensure that you clarify exactly what your dog is used for if it is in anyway possible that is might be considered a commercial animal.

Age is a significant factor in determining whether your pet can be insured. While some companies are happy to insure a pet for it s entire life, others will terminate the policy once a pet has reached a certain age. It may be more difficult to initially get cover for an animal over the age of 8 years old which is another good reason for insuring your pet at the earliest possible opportunity.

If a pet has suffered with a prolonged illness or injury that has been subject of regular veterinary attention, insurers may be reluctant to hand out an initial policy or the premium may be much higher. Insurance companies do have the right to check with your vet to see if a pet has been subject to ongoing treatment prior to a policy being given out.

In general, if you own a dog or cat under the age of 10, be it a mixed breed or pedigree, that is not considered commercial or dangerous you should be able to find a company willing to offer you suitable insurance cover.

You can find out whether your dog is eligible or if you could get a more suitable policy by using our very own Quote Buster service.

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