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Trane Furnace Blinking Red Light Codes

A Trane furnace blinking a red light means there is trouble with the furnace unit. Most homeowners do not realize something is wrong until the blowers are blowing cold air or the furnace has completely stopped working.

Once a homeowner realizes there is a problem, they can easily figure out what it is by checking the unit’s diagnostic code.

Trane furnaces alert homeowners of a problem through a series of blinking red lights. The LED light is located inside the furnace and can be viewed by looking through the peephole on the panel door.

The light will blink slow and steady, blink very quickly, provide a series of repetitive blinks, or not blink at all.

The code identification list is located on the inside of the panel door itself. Simply remove the door, identify how the furnace is blinking whether it be a short series of blinks, one long blink, or no blink. Locate the specific blink pattern on the door and it will give a short description of the problem.

The list, does not, however provide solutions to solve the problem. Usually, the furnace manual will have some explanation and solutions for the problem. The key is to know what is fixable as a DIY project and what requires the help of a trained repairman.

As a general rule, if the solution information is like reading a foreign language, call a repairman. If the inside of the furnace looks confusing and overwhelming, call a repairman. Repairmen can be pricey, but they also are trained professionals and know how to safely and effectively repair the furnace.

Below is the identification list for a Trane furnace s blinking red light:
Flashing Slow Normal No call for heat
Flashing Fast Normal Call for heat
Continuous ON Replace IFC
Continuous OFF Check power
2 Flashes System lockout (retries or recycles exceeded)
3 Flashes Draft pressure error possible problems: a) venting problem, b) pressure switch problem, c) inducer problem
4 Flashes Open temperature limit circuit
5 Flashes Flame sensed when no flame should be present
6 Flashes 115 volt AC power reversed, poor grounding or system voltage too low
7 Flashes Gas valve circuit error
8 Flashes Low flame sense signal
9 Flashes Check ignitor circuit and line N to 24VAC common voltage ( = 2 volts) [possible grounding problem].

Check any warranties on the unit. The manufacturer usually has a warranty protecting against manufacturing errors. The dealer may have added on an extended warranty at purchase.

The installer usually has a warranty protecting against any installation errors. Check if the unit is covered before calling a repairman, as an ‘in-group’ repairman may have to be used for the repair to be covered under warranty.

Trane furnace blinking red light troubleshooting guides are located inside the unit manual or online. Homeowners can contact Trane or the furnace installer with any questions.

If ever in doubt of a DIY project, err on the side of caution and call a repairman. It may cost some money, but it will provide piece of mind knowing the furnace is fixed and properly working.

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