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If you are an owner/operator or a company that has contracts with owner/operators, it is important to understand additional liability insurance policies, such as non-trucking liability insurance (NTL).

Primary Liability

Companies who have lease agreements with owner operators need to carry primary liability insurance. This will help cover the truck and the driver while performing a delivery for the trucking company.

However, there are times when a truck driver may not be carrying a load or driver for personal use. If the driver is in an accident during those times, it isn’t covered under primary liability. This is when you need additional insurance, such as NTL or dovetail insurance.

Non-Trucking Liability

If a trucker were involved in an accident that causes property damage or third party bodily injury, it would be covered under primary liability. Once a driver finishes a route and makes their delivery, they are considered driving for personal use and no longer covered under primary liability. Non-trucking liability covers personal use of a truck by an owner/operator.

This means if the driver has delivered his load, is done for the day, and is on the way home when he gets into an accident the company would need NTL insurance to cover any damages.

Dovetail Insurance

Dovetail insurance is coverage for when the truck is empty, either because the driver has made a delivery or is going to receive another load or because he is driving the vehicle for personal use.

Is NTL and Dovetail Insurance the Same?

While NTL and dovetail insurance are terms that are often used interchangeably, technically they are different types of coverage. Dovetail insurance covers the vehicle whether it is being driven for personal use or not as long as the trailer is empty. NTL insurance is when the truck is being driven for personal use.

Understanding the differences between different types of additional insurance coverage is important to make sure your company is complying with state and federal regulations. Alexander Alexander is happy to provide answers to all of your insurance questions. Learn more here. or contact us today .

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