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Travel Insurance Plans

Insurance Plans for Travelers

The question I hear most often: Do I really need to buy travel insurance?  The short answer is yes. The best Travel Insurance Plans are designed specifically for the person who is away from home.  The best plans include additional benefits not included in your domestic plan.  For example, they have an international network of doctors, emergency assistance services and translators who will help you in a crisis.

Travel Insurance Categories

Although most of the insurance plans listed on this site are for those traveling outside of their home country, either for a short trip or for an extended stay, there are some specific plan types that fall into the general Travel Insurance category. We offer the following plans for international travelers:

  • Trip Cancellation   Covers the cost of your trip with some additional benefits (lost luggage, trip delay, etc)
  • Travel Medical Covers medical expenses as well as other risk when traveling overseas for less than a year
  • Global Medical Long term Health insurance for expatriates and global nomads living abroad for a year or more
  • Emergency Evacuation Assistance and transportation to the most appropriate hospital in an emergency situation
  • Extreme Sport Coverage Coverage for participants in Adventure or Extreme Sports

Even if your domestic plan provides some coverage while you are abroad, you may have to pay out of pocket for your expenses until you can be reimbursed by your current provider.  Most travel insurance plans can pay providers directly or can reimburse you more efficiently.  One of the biggest hurdles is working with the foreign hospitals and translating the documents relating to your care.  International insurance companies have an expertise in working with these situations, and international assistance call centers, so problems are resolved more quickly.

Here are some additional situations where it pays to have travelers insurance  You have saved up for your vacation and all ready to head off when disaster strikes, and the airline you are flying goes bankrupt!  You have invested thousands of dollars on planned travel abroad when you are suddenly laid off from your job! These and a wide variety of calamities can happen and we can never plan for all eventual outcomes. However, if you purchase a travel policy, you can protect your investment if you need to make changes and cancel your plans under a wide variety of circumstances.

International Insurance is the premier provider of travel insurance plans   with our range of products, we will have a plan that will fit all your needs. Research, Compare and Buy Online before you go!

Our recommended International Insurance Plans:

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Travel Medical (5 Days to 12 Months) : Learn More   |  Free Quote / Apply

Global Medical (Long Term / Expatriates Plans) : Learn More   |  Free Quote / Apply

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