Vonage dropping calls due to forwarding feature? Since yeste #vonage #dropped #calls


2010-Oct-27 9:36 pm

Vonage dropping calls due to forwarding feature? Since yeste

Is anyone else having a problem with Vonage dropping calls lately. I currently have a system where my Vonage line forwards to 5 different phones simulateneously.

Now, for the past few years there has not been an issue UNTIL Yesterday, now everytime someone calls me it litterally drops out / goes silent / disconnects at any random point of the conversation.

I was under the impression it may be my internet connection. However, it has done this to my cell phone also when it is being forwarded to. that call drops also.

I also noticed at the SAME time this has been happening there has been some wierdness on their site. Where I would try to cut the forwarding feature off (which I due daily at a certain time) and it would STILL ring the phones. I would also put the answering machine on INSTANT and it would continue to ring instead of going to voicemail.

Just one big mess from what I can tell.

Any input would be appreciated

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2010-Nov-8 5:32 am

Why not try VirtualGlobalPhone..I certainly recommend it, currently using their service and haven’t faced any situation like yours for the last 1 yr..there are sometimes when you need technical support and they are there for you.

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2010-Nov-30 1:16 pm

My Vonage line has been having issues as well. Inbound calls were getting forwarded to my network availability number almost half the time. I have had a ticket being worked on with Vonage for at least 3 weeks on this.

On a hunch, I checked out the router logs, had what I thought I saw happening confirmed by a network guy, and apparently it was blocking some RTP packets. and I don’t know why, but the result was the calls were forwarded.

I have since put the Vonage IP in the router DMZ and initial tests are that this has resolved it. Apparently this isn’t supposed to be required, and I didn’t have it in the DMZ for many months and all worked perfectly.

But if you have the Vonage router behind your main one, and no port forwarding, give that a try and see if it helps.

btw – I use the most recent Tomato Victek mod on an Asus RT-N12 with the updated QoS rules, and they work perfectly after adding my Vonage router IP to the VoIP Service classification.

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2010-Dec-2 10:55 am

Yes, we had an issue with forwarding yesterday too. I’m not sure if my actions fixed it or not, but what I did was clear my network-outage backup forwarding number, then I cleared out all forwarding numbers.

Then, I re-added the forwarding numbers and tested them. They did work. After an hour I re-added the emergency network-outage forwarding number (which happened to be the same as the forward number anyway).

Everything was still working last night, but I should check again today.

One more thing, I read some old posts on the Vonage support forums that indicated that using Firefox was sometimes iffy about committing changes. The posts were from 2009, so things may have changed since then, but I did all of my changes in IE instead of my default Firefox browser, just to be sure.

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2010-Dec-6 1:02 am

That could be the cause of your internet connection. Try using a DSL filter. Maybe, this will help.

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2010-Dec-21 6:15 pm

Dsl filters are a no go for Vonage / plug phone directly into the Vonage port that is associated with your phone number; always try to refrain from plugging into wall jacks and splitters;

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2010-Dec-21 7:45 pm

Dsl filters are a no go for Vonage / plug phone directly into the Vonage port that is associated with your phone number; always try to refrain from plugging into wall jacks and splitters;

That was never my experience with Vonage. I immediately plugged my ATA into my house wiring (after disconnecting the PSTN wiring at the NID) and it worked fine throughout the house. I used a DSL filter to help my faxing success (with mixed results). The ATA was a Motorola VT1005. Is your advice particular to a specific device? I know Vonage used to sell locked PAP2’s and they work well distributed through the house, too.

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2010-Dec-22 2:52 pm

In these cases, honestly it’s an XML problem; what I would suggest is to logon to the Vonage home page, login to your account; turn your VM off. or on, wait about a min. Tunr back on or off and this will reset your XML; should fix the problem;

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2011-Jan-3 2:02 am

Happy new year guys.

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