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What Can You Do With a Bachelor s in Marketing?

Job Options for Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Graduates

Bachelor’s degree programs in marketing, such as the Bachelor of Science in Marketing or Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, can lead to careers that require both creativity and business knowledge. These programs generally offer training in related areas, including business law and ethics, financial accounting, marketing principles and consumer behavior. Students may also have the opportunity to learn a second language and study public speaking.

Marketing graduates are prepared for a variety of careers, such as marketing or sales managers, and those with strong quantitative backgrounds may find employment as market research analysts. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree can also prepare graduates for advanced programs, such as the Master of Business Administration in Marketing, which can help with career advancement or pursuit of additional job opportunities.

Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Managers

Advertising and promotions managers design strategies for selling an organization’s services or products. Marketing managers analyze the demand, competition, potential markets and pricing structures for products and services. They may also oversee product development and analyze trends in their chosen industry.

In general, marketing managers deal with ‘big picture’ marketing strategy and supervise lower-level marketing professionals. Most marketing, promotions and advertising managers have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field, as well as work experience.

Salary Job Outlook

The BLS reported that the overall number of jobs for advertising and promotions managers is expected to grow by 9% between 2014 and 2024, and employment of marketing managers should grow by 13% over the same period. As of May 2014, marketing managers earned a median annual income of $127,130. The median salary for advertising and promotions managers at this time was almost $96,720.

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  • Business Communications, General
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Research

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts gather data and analyze demand for a product or service in a particular geographical area or industry. They design and conduct surveys, gather information about possible competitors, analyze how the competition markets similar products and compile pricing information. Since market research analysts need strong math and computer skills, those with bachelor’s degrees in marketing can qualify for this job if they have coursework or experience in these areas.

Salary Job Outlook

The BLS reported that the number of market research analyst positions is expected to increase by 19% between 2014 and 2024. As of May 2014, the median annual income for market research analysts and marketing specialists was $61,290. The highest-paying industry for these professionals was semiconductor manufacturing.

Sales Manager

Sales managers typically train and set goals for a team of sales representatives. They also might analyze inventory and sales data, deal with concerned customers and prepare budgets. Although extensive sales experience alone may be enough to qualify you for some sales manager positions, most sales managers have a bachelor’s degree with some coursework in marketing. Even with a degree, though, aspiring sales managers usually need to get some experience on the sales floor before being promoted.

Salary Job Outlook

The BLS projected an increase of 5% in the number of jobs for sales managers between 2014 and 2024. The median annual wage for sales managers was about $110,660 as of May 2014, with the securities and commodities industry offering the most lucrative compensation, on average.

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