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From iKube Insurance

Car Insurance For Young Drivers

For the newly qualified driver, you’ve passed your test; you’ve got your car, but the young driver insurance premiums are just too expensive. That’s where iKube can help!

We can offer 17 – 25 year old young drivers a discounted car insurance package for those who stay off the road between the hours of 11pm – 5am. Research has indicated that young drivers are statistically at a higher risk of being involved in a serious road accident after 11pm.

As long as you stay off the road between these “high risk” hours then you are seen as less of a risk. You are therefore eligible for a safe driving discount on your young drivers’ car insurance.

  • Fully comprehensive young driver insurance cover or third party fire theft cover.
  • Save up to 25%* with our safe driving discount
  • Additional discounts for Pass Plus – up to 10%**
  • iKube does not charge you by the mile.

Interested? Give us a call or request a quote today:

75% of young drivers already on board with iKube are offered a good driving discount in Year 2 (based on data collected by the ‘iKube black box’). 1 in 3, of these, will also have their night time driving restriction removed – allowing them to drive any time, day of night without any red hour charges.

*Providing your driving test is not passed within the first 42 days of inception of the policy. Other concurrent changes such as change of vehicle or address may affect the premium.

**Providing that they don’t have any claims, convictions or accidents in the last 5 years, we’ll add them on for free. All drivers must meet iKube’s underwriting criteria.

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