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learner permit: aged 17+ | full licence: aged 17+

Will fire & theft claims affect my no claims bonus?

Standard Cover Policy

Available to all full licence holders, and to learner permit holders aged 17+. We offer benefits including 75% no claims discount, no excess on windscreen or fire and theft, and even 10% discount online!

Why choose AXA?

All you need is a smartphone!

Get 20% discount off your AXA premium just for using our FREE smartphone app. Suitable for 17-24 year olds.

Heading to college?

Are you a full time student aged under 26? You could save 20% in year one with AXA. You must be aged under 26 (at the time of purchase).You must be a full time student in a recognised third level institution. You must hold a valid student card.

Special offers from ISM

Learn to Drive with ISM, Save up to €400 off your car insurance when you take 12 driving lessons with ISM, or take a test drive with ISM and save up to 20% on your car insurance.

Keep on saving with AXA!

We have many options which you can avail of to reduce your premium. Have a look at our ways to save, and you could save even more on your car insurance!

Get covered for less!

Talk to us about your insurance on the phone or in one of our 42 branches today! Alternatively, get your quote online for an additional 10% discount! Minimum premium of €327. New customers only.

Helpful tips and tricks

New to the road or unsure about your driving skills. Let us help you with some tips to getting out there on the road. Safer drivers save money.

AXA Plus Loyalty Programme

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